Helping will writers become GDPR compliant

Given the sensitivity of the personal information that will writers handle, the consequences of non-compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are huge – but help is at hand. Developed with small businesses in mind, our secure online platform makes it easy for will writers to become and remain GDPR compliant. We show you what you need to do, and give you all the tools and information you need, to protect the personal data you hold and keep your customers' confidence and your professional reputation intact.


Your GDPR questions answered

Astrid and partner The Society of Will Writers are holding a webinar on Wednesday 27th March 2019 to address the questions will writers have around compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The 45 minute webinar at 1pm will be hosted by will writer and member of the Society of Will Writers Professional Standards Board, Shandip N Shah. With over 5 years’ experience in the will writing profession and a hunger for knowledge, Shandip will be putting will writers’ questions to Astrid’s Managing Director, Gerrard Fisher. Gerrard is formally trained as a GDPR practitioner and developed Astrid’s GDPR compliance tools and guidance.

Got a question?

How long are you allowed to keep wills under the General Data Protection Regulation? How do you enable right of access to personal data whilst you retain wills? Do you need to let third parties know if you are holding their personal data as beneficiaries? When do you need to use encryption? Do you have any unanswered questions about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and protecting personal data that are holding back your compliance?

Submit a question that you would like to be answered at the webinar.

“As will writers, we collect a lot of personal information which can include sensitive notes also. The whole GDPR issue has brought on a new challenge to our working practice but the build-up hype it seems has been forgotten. Data collection and storage is an extremely important part of our work and this is a great opportunity to get professional advice on this issue to avoid a possible challenge later on.”

Shandip N Shah, Professional Standards Board, The Society of Will Writers

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